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    Handlaunch gliders are evolving so rapidly one can barely keep up. Paul spent this summer learning about the latest planes equipment and installation techniques and Im sharing what he's learned in the new DVD Handlaunch Tech Lab. The cool thing about this DVD is that even if you dont fly HLGs the tips and information on 2.4 radio systems RDS lithium batteries and installation techniques can be applied to most sailplanes.


    Paul does a complete build out of the Swedish-designed Sirius THE rock-star competition glider of 2009showing you how to fit out it's all moulded kevlar Disser wing with a super tight top drive flaperon system using the latest digital servos. You will learn how to make a light weight spring return drive set up for the elevator and how to install asymmetric rudder blades in a moulded fuselage. Rotary Drive systems are popular for driving flaperons and I teach some tips on how to make this complicated but aerodynamically clean system work perfectly.


    The best part of the install is the tutorial on how to use the new 2.4 ghz radio systems in all carbon fuselages. 2.4 systems offer many advantages over FM systems but you need to know the tricks using the new Spektrum 6250 superlight receiver designed for all carbon fuses and you see it in action.


    Another trend is to use lithium cells for power as digital servos and 2.4 receivers need lots of clean power to operate. Covering all of the basics on what cells to use how to regulate the voltage properly and safe charging procedures. This section is very educational.


    We all have older gliders that still fly well but are in need of some updating.  Paul takes an older XP-4 (the same one I built in the HLG Building Clinic) and updates it with new fins updated digital servos 2.4 radio and modified boom that will make it launch and handle much better.  


    After all of the lab work it's out to the flying field for some 2.4 range check procedures fail-safe programming and talk about flying rudderless planes and the lessons learned to fly them effectively thermaling with the Sirius and you get to hear what Paul is doing as he flys. 


    As with  other building clinics you get detailed instruction on high quality video that makes learning about the latest techniques really easy.  Once you see Paul do things the right way it is easy for you duplicate what he does. There are also Links on where to buy the gear included on the DVD.