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    The last 3 Handlaunch/F3K DVDs have brought you up to date on the latest techniques developments and gear for HLG/F3K flying. Incredible material but some key parts of modern HLG mastery were still missing from the series.


    And thats whats covered in this Master Class.


    This DVD will be a bit different then some it will be more informal just Paul in the shop with a huge dry erase board tuning tools some planes some radios and the camera teaching you  techniques for tuning and optimizing a modern F3K glider to perfection. Youll learn ways to integrate your computer radio and it's program with your frontal lobe so your plane will fly more efficiently on it's own with minimal pilot workload. The more your plane can fly on it's own at the the 3 basic speeds needed the longer flight times you'll get. Its that simple.


    While some of the subjects covered are taught in some of the other DVDs but the tuning and programming techniques shown are specific to HLGs and their special calibration requirementsSo whats covered in this DVD?


    First  basic alignments decalage settings Center of Gravity tuning both static and active and how to get a smooth and accurate elevator system working for you. Its all about the elevator baby! If you cant get these tuning basics down no amount of radio tweeking will get you plane to fly well.


     Then combine the tuning tips together with advanced radio set ups teaching you how to use Flight Modes/Conditions to make your plane react to changing lift and wind conditions. I also cover differentials mixing trim steps snap flap and other settings that will make your plane fly better and more effecintley without you!  You will also see how Pauls gliders set up and hell talk about some different strategies on how to use your flight modes/conditions more effectively to set trim and wing camber both critical adjustments to get your plane flying with less pilot workload.


    As a special bonus super-pro pilot Mike Smith describe how he has his HLGs set up and tuned for competition.


    This DVD just might be the most informative of the HLG Master Class series. Ive done a ton of research and testing to bring you the latest thinking on HLG/F3K tuning and radio set ups.