• Handlaunch Building Clinic

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    Paul Naton has been building and preparing Handlaunch gliders for a long time and he wants to share his pro building techniques with you.

    In the 4 hour Handlaunch Building Clinic you will watch paul build not one but two composite HLG kit's start to finish every step from glassing the wing halves to doing a light weight wiring harness.  Showing you 2 builds because both planes have unique construction needs and they cover the most widely used assembly techniques.

    Now this is NOT a scratch building DVD no foam wing cutting or vacuum bagging. What you will see is what most people build a composite kit with the basic parts prefinished the wings tails and fuselage are already done though not assembled.

    While these planes are not hard to assemble they do require a number of skills and techniques that are best learned by watching  them live. Youll learn how to build light and strong with systems that will be reliable flight after flight.

    Youll learn how to handle fiberglass and use epoxy safely mount servos install bullet-proof carbon pushrod systems and mount the tails and wings square.

    Making a light and reliable electrical system is challenging but I walk you through basic soldering weight-saving wiring techniques and battery pack construction.

    Youll learn how to pre-tune the glider for it's first flight so you wont have any surprises on launch.

    You can apply the building techniques you learn to just about any HLG kit on the market and for that matter ANY glider kit