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     Learn How To Hand launch Your DLG

    Handlaunch gliders are extremely popular and flying these high-tech light weight gliders will quickly build your soaring and thermaling skills. A few years ago the tip launch or discus style launching method revolutionized the entire HLG experience allowing anyone to launch really high with minimal effort.

    Paul Nathan wants every R/C soaring pilot to learn how to launch and fly these amazing planes and he produced the Handlaunch Pro Clinic to make the learning process easy and fast.

    While tip launching is not very hard to learn you will need some help initially and you must learn some basic techniques otherwise you WILL destroy that nice new glider you just spent some big bucks on.

    The Handlaunch Pro Clinic is a 4 hour intensive training DVD which will show you step-by-step how to prepare equip and launch your first HLG. The detailed tutorials will guarantee a successful first flight and eliminate costly mistakes that beginners all make.

    On Disk 1 I cover basic tuning radio set ups equipment and optimizing. This detailed tutorial will help you get any HLG model ready for the stresses that the discus launch puts on your plane. If you dont apply these basic set up techniques you are asking for trouble once you start launching.

    I take you out to the field on Disk 2 for an extensive clinic on launching showing you the right and wrong way to practice your spin technique. You will quickly teach yourself how to launch high without destroying your plane. I also reveal a few tips about launch presets center of gravity settings and a review of common mistakes.

    You will also see Paul catching thermals and I describe everything he is doing while flying. You will watch this part over and over!

    As a bonus the DVD includes interviews with some of Americas top HLG pilots who talk about the latest models and equipment they use. You will also see the highest launching pilots on the contest circuit throw in super slow motion which reveals each pilots unique throwing technique.

    If you are just getting started in HLG or want to learn more about HLG flying in general this DVD is a must-have. It will save you months of trial and error learning and will surely save you many broken planes and parts.

    I recommend HLG flying to anyone in soaring no matter what skill level. The planes are cheap durable transportable and you can fly them almost anywhere.