• Hall Magnetic Pico Switch

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    - Hall Magnetic Pico Switch - swipe OFF - Out of stock
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    New Hall Magnetic Pico Switch ideal fo DLG

    This Hall Magnetic Switch is produced in the UK by one of T9's selected specialists, and has been designed for simple but secure operation with the supplied magnet. Ideal for when access is limited or time consuming. (Don't we all just love taping nose cones on, and messing with recalcitrant canopies ...... ! )

    Fobs for the magnet provided can be found at this link: Magnet Fob


    Intelligent firmware indicates when the switch is sensing the magnet for ease of use.
    Under normal working conditions the LED flashes reducing the current consumption of the switch.
    Our magnetic switch utilises a Hall Effect Sensor (no mechanical switching parts). Careful firmware design ensures that stray magnetic fields cannot toggle the switch incorrectly; we guarantee 99.9% operating under normal conditions.
    Positively switched – Ideal for electric models, esc safe, there’s no need for an opto isolator. 
    Surface mounted components – vibration safe.
    Safe and reliable.

    Defaults to ON if the battery is disconnected and when reconnected, the output will turn ON every time.  eg. during brown-out due to bad battery connection.

    The magnetic switch is programmed to sample the magnet over the sensor for a set period of time (3 seconds or more) without interruption and only then will it turn the output off.

    Extremely resilient to magnetic interference due to the switches microcontroller that is programmed with an algorithm.

    Installation and Operation:

    When the switch is plugged into the power supply for the first time the output will turn on and the LED will flash.  Place the switch as close to the fuselage or wing surface as possible.  To locate the sensor simply sweep over the predicted sensor location area, when the switch senses the magnet the LED will go solid (ON) indicating the perfect position.  Use a marker pen and mark where the sensor is located and use a piece of double sided tape and/or a piece of sponge to hold the switch in place.  To turn the switch off place the supplied magnet over the sensor and the LED will go solid (ON) then count for 3 seconds or more without interruption and the LED and output will turn OFF.

    TIP: count 1, 1000, 2, 1000, 3, 1000.  
    To turn the magnetic switch ON just swipe the magnet over the sensor.  Please ensure a full range check of the model is undertaken prior to use.

    For full how to use and installation click here


    • Supply Voltage: 3V - 8.7V
    • Dropout voltage (Input vs output): 130mV @1.35A
    • Continuous Operating current: ~ 6A Peak
    • Peak Output current: ~ 8A
    • Maximum Standby (Off State) Quiescent current: - ~ 4μA
    • Operating temperature range: -40°C / +80°C
    • 15 x 8 x 4mm (0.5905” x 0.3149” x 0.1574”)
    • Total cable length approx 140mm (5.5118”)
    • Weight including all cables: ~ 3g (0.107oz)