• Hacker Super Zoom XXL

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    Hacker Super Zoom XXL is a high performance model for extreme, outdoor aerobatic flying.

    • Wingspan: 1500mm
    • Length: 1600mm
    • Weight: 1400g

    Made from super-tough EPP and with a great finish, Super Zoom XXL has superb flying qualities.

    Kit Contents:

    • Coloured Fuselage, Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer
    • Landing Gear and Wheels
    • Pushrods
    • Complete Hardware Set and Instruction Guide

    Items Needed To Complete:

    • Radio equipment for Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle
    • 4x Micro Servos with 2.6 kg torque for ailerons and elevators
    • 1x Micro Servo with 3 kg torque for rudder
    • Brushless motor 550W. eg: AXI 2826/10
    • 70A ESC
    • Spinner 40 mm,
    • Propeller 14/4- 14/6
    • 2100 mAh (20C) 3 cells Lipo