• Hacker Models Master Stick RTF Electric Fun Model

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    Hacker Models Master Stick RTF Electric Fun Model, EPP contruction

    Model comes complete ready to fly with installed motor, speed controller, servos and propeller, spinner. Just need TX and batteries

    Universal model for all occasions. Suitable as the first model with ailerons for less experienced pilots, like user-friendly durable model for all kinds of aerobatic tricks and recreational flying for experienced pilots, and like a laborer for RC aerotowing (tested with SKG serie gliders - Blanik, Lunak, Fox and Swift from the Hacker Model Production). The main parts of the model are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) and full-printed in attractive colors. A large wing area with semi-symmetrical airfoil provides excellent stability and great speed range of the model. The large landing gear wheels guarantee easy takeoffs and landings on rough terrain. The model has a removable landing gear for easier transport and box for the quick exchange of Accu pack. Model is considerably preprocessed and supplies also completely equipped and ready to fly. It is possible to install float set to his plane.

    Items Needed To Complete: 4 Channel RC Set, 3S Li-Po flight battery from 1300 to 2200 mAh, small tools for model completion.


    • Weight: 1200kg
    • Wingspan: 940mm
    • Length: 700mm.
    • 4 channel control