• FrSky RB 20 Redundancy Bus

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    The FrSky RB –20, a new product from FrSky's continuing evolving redundancy modules.


    The RB –20 hub has facilities to operating 2 receivers and 2 batteries to provide total peace of mind when flying your models. The RB-20 is designed for use with a higher operating current and supports high-current servos, another featured upgrade on the RB-20 is that it can switch telemetry automatically between RX1 and RX2.


    Like other redundancy products, you can run your servos from the switchboard with complete protection from high voltage overload. The RB-20 also supports Smart Port telemetry for your FrSky transmitters and will provide telemetry feedback for voltage and overload indication.



    • Multi-channel output
    • Higher operating current (The current is twice as big as RB) and supporting high-current servos
    • Automatically selected telemetry between RX1 and RX2: decide on/off of telemetry on RX1 and RX2 through RX1 S.P and RX2 S.P
    • High voltage servo supported
    • Overload protection on each channel
    • Compatible with other FrSky S.Port products
    • Dual power and dual receiver
    • Integrated S.Port telemetry feedbacks (voltage, current, capacity, overload indication, etc.)
    • Settable servo signal output period: 50Hz of servo outputs (20ms period) or equal to the input of SBUS cycle



    • Recommended input voltage range: DC 4~8.4V (1~2s Lipo or 4~6s NiMH)
    • Number of servos: up to 15
    • Operating temperature: -20℃~75℃
    • Weight: 37g
    • Dimension: 77×43×22mm