• F3 Building Clinic

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     Learn To Build Plane The Professional Way

    Many of todays higher end planes come very finished but there is still lots to do to get it flying and there are many specialized techniques to learn to make your build light strong and safe for high performance flying. You just spent the big bucks on you plane and radio gear why risk it all with poor building methods?

    Carbon Art produced the F3 Building Clinic to fill in for those missing instructions and anyone putting together any modern sailplane kit needs to learn the stuff on this 2 hour DVD.

    You will watch Paul Natan go through every step in putting together a 6 servo F3X style plane and you will learn all of the techniques   to make a first class build.

    Youll learn composite cutting pushrod assembly proper servo mounting custom battery pack assembly V-tail construction and a ton more.  Even showing you how to make minimal wiring harness and assemble self-matting wing connectors.

    All of the hard and tricky stuff is covered and you will be building like a pro in no time.

    The great thing about this DVD is that all of the techniques can be applied to any sailplane build high-end or low-end. Its all stuff you need to know to become a better modeler.