• Art Hobby Endura EF 2.5 Metre Glider

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    NEW version wing with internally hinged flaps


    Endura-EF 2.5M is an 85% RTF, High Performance - Ultra Light Weight Thermal electro-glider. Well suited for ALES and F5J contests.
    Our newest technology made possible to create this super light weight electro-glider.
    Endura-E flying weight is approx. 600 - 650 grams (21 - 22.8 oz.) It features the OP0830 airfoil that was specially modified for this sailplane, the benefits of that are:


    - superior thermal abilities
    - very low stall speed
    - wide range of speed 
    - good air penetration
    - 3-segments wing with removable wing tips for easy storage and transportation. 


    - composite fuselage pod is made of a few layers of light fiber glass with glass roving and carbon fiber reinforcements for extra strength. It has removable canopy for rapid access to the radio gear. The V-shaped wing saddle with molded in nuts for the wing mounting screws.

    - tapered tail boom made of carbon fiber/glass composite.

    - wing cores are precision cut from white polystyrene foam, covered with thin black poplar veneer bonded to the foam with aircraft industry grade epoxy in high pressure molds for perfect airfoil fidelity and a warp-free wing.
    Wing has precut pockets for light weight composite spoilers included in the glider kit.
    Classic tail made from balsa has pre-hinged control surfaces and is fully laminated with light fiberglass cloth. 


    Kit contains:
    model components, plans, step by step instructions, and all necessary hardware glider name decal for the wing.


    Wing span
    Wing area
    Wing airfoil
    Glider weight
    2500 mm / 98.42 in.
    ~1300 mm / 51.18in.
    37 dm² / 555 sq.in.
    OP0830C - modified
    430 g / 15.08 oz.
    6+ch. Minima-6E, Maxima-6, similar
    HS-40, HS-45HB, similar
    HS-45HB, HS-5045HB, similar
    ART-1000 or ART-1200
    25 A
    31 - 35 mm
    11x8 - 12x6.5 CAM
    850 - 1300 mAh 3S LiPo