• TOPMODELcz Thermik Dream 3M High Performance EP Sailplane

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    £300.00 (Incl. VAT)

    Topmodel Thermic Dream 3M is an elegant high performance electric sailplane.

    Using an S7012 aerofoil section, with flaps to allow a fully configurable trailing edge, Thermic Dream makes the most of thermals, providing excellent glide duration.

    The flaps afford strong CROW braking for safe and precise landings.

    Powered with a suitable brushless motor, Thermic Dream climbs with impressive authority - easily achieving a 45° path, or steeper, with the recommended MVVS unit.

    Kit Features:

    • Fuselage, cabin and winglets are hollow moulded, gel-coated fibreglass.
    • Foam core, balsa sheeted wing, with hard wood spars. Fibreglass reinforced control surfaces to avoid twisting, all expertly covered with genuine Oracover®.
    • 3 piece wing for an easy transportation.
    • Elevator servo installed in the fin for direct and precise response.
    • Balsa construction tails surfaces (with a true airfoil for the horizontal stabiliser) also covered with Oracover®.
    • CNC manufactured wood formers and parts.
    • Quality accessories and hardware all included.
    • Plotter-cut decal set.
    • Step by step building instruction manual fully illustrated.

    Recommendation Guide for Equipment:

    • Motor: MVVS 5,6/690 GLIDER
    • ESC: 55A
    • LiPo: 3S 3300mAh (35C)
    • Servos: HS-82 MG x 6
    • Prop:  CAM CARBON 15x10" folder with 40mm spinner

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