• TOPMODELcz Kulbutin 1.82M 3D Slope Glider

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    The TopmodelCZ Kulbutin 1.82M is something rather different - a 3D Sailplane!

    Topmodel's exclusive mechanism for elevator control provides nearly 180° rotation of the entire stabilizer - almost 90° either side of neutral.

    Kulbutin can be flown as a conventional aerobatic slope machine with normal control surface rates - but flick into bonkers rates with the huge rudder, nice big ailerons and mad stab, and it can be made to go ..... well ..... bonkers.

    In addition, due to its very light wing loading, KULBUTIN can also fly in very light conditions, not a common characteristic for an aerobatic sailplane.

    Designed essentially for slope soaring where plenty of time is available for experimenting with 3D, the KULBUTIN can also be taken aloft behind a tow plane and still demonstrate such as the Kulbuto Plunge and Parkinson Loop.

    TOPMODELcz Kulbutin 1.82M 3D Slope GliderTOPMODELcz Kulbutin 1.82M 3D Slope Glider

    TopModelCZ Kulbutin 1.82M 3d Slope Glider Dimensions & Weight

    Key features:

    • Lightweight fuselage moulded in fibreglass and pre-painted in yellow.
    • 2 piece plug-in wing and stabilizer design for easy transportation.
    • Wing and stabilizer: pre-sheeted balsa foam core covered with Oracover®
    • Fin: balsa frame covered with Oracover®
    • A beautiful large removable clear canopy with polyurethane frame.
    • An exclusive ball bearing stabiliser tilt mechanism.
    • Top quality hardware.
    • Complete assembly manual, fully illustrated with drawings.

    Servo suggestions:

    • HS-5645MG Digi for elevator (10.3 kg/cm)
    • HS-485HB for rudder (4.8 kg/cm)
    • HS-5245MG Mini Digi for ailerons (4.4 kg/cm)