• TopModel Drive System For Scale Glider

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    £120.00 (Incl. VAT)

    From TopModel, a brand new electric Power Pod Launching systems. These high quality units allow you to reach optimal thermal hunting altitudes without the expense and complications associated with towing your sailplane to altitude. They are also a great choice if your favorite tow pilot is not available. Finally, you now have solution that can enhance your flying experience when you need it but can also be easily removed when not needed. Simply remove the installation screw and pull the unit out of your fuselage.

    Motor mount allows you to use a motor with screw spacing of 25 and 30 mm. The holes in the motor mount at an angle of 90 °.

    The product is manufactured in Czech Republic.

    (1) Fiberglass Pod with Aluminum Mount
    (1) Aluminum Folding Turbo Spinner with 5mm and 6mm collets + sprin set
    (1) Installation Aluminum Tube
    (1) Plywood Top Reinforcement
    (1) Plywood Bottom Reinforcement
    (1) Plywood Installation Platform
    (1) Installation Bolt w/Nut, Washer


    Suggested Equipment:
    Power Package 6S (10-12 lbs. /4.5-5.5kg Scale Sailplanes)
    Hacker A40 10L motor
    Jeti Spin Pro 75 Opto ESC
    5S battery pack (~3900mAh)
    Graupner/SJ 14x10" (36x24 cm) CAM FOLDING PROP

    Suggested Equipment:
    Power Package 8S (24-29 lbs. /11-13kg Scale Sailplanes)
    Hacker A50 16L motor
    Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto ESC
    8S battery pack (~5000mAh)
    Aeronaut 17x13" folding propeller

    Suggested Equipment:
    Power Package 5S (10-12 lbs. /4.5-5.5kg Scale Sailplanes)
    AXI 4120/18 motor
    Jeti Spin Pro 66 Opto ESC
    5S battery pack (~3900mAh)