• TLS RS-10 Servo With LDS Frame Kit

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    - TLS RS-10 Servo With LDS Frame Kit - 5.0mm Servo Arm 1 in stock
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    - TLS RS-10 Servo With LDS Frame Kit - 6.35mm Servo Arm 2 in stock
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    From Tomas Liu Studio 2pcs TLS RS-10 with the LDS frame kit


    Package includes:

    M3x50mm Thread Push Rod x2
    Ø5mm spline Dual Servo Horn H:6.35 mm x2
     Servo Frame x2
    Ø2.0x8.4mm Metal Pin x2
    Ø2.0x5.6mm Metal Pin x2
    E-clip x8
    M3x6mm  Screw x4
    Aluminum connector 4x4x20mm x4 
    Aluminum Clevis re 4x4x20mm x4
    Optional Control horn x2 pieces


    1.Soft start
    2.Programmable variable stroke
    3.Forward and reverse settings
    4.Accurate resolution 1 degree = 10-12 divisions
    Size 10x30x35.5 mm
    Weight 26g
    Gear type Staninless steel
    Bearing 2 Ball bearings
    Horn gear spline 25T-Ø5mm
    Case Aluminum CNC
    Connector wire 10cm 3P
    Motor Coreless motor
    7.4 V 8.4 V
    No load 0.13 sec/60 0.11 sec/60
    Running current(at no load) 240 Ma 300mA
    Peak stall torque 9.5 kg / cm 11kg / cm
    stall current 3.2A 4.3 A
    Command singnal PWM
    Amplifier type Digital controller
    Pulse width range 800~2200 μsec
    Neutral position 1500 μ sec
    Dead band width 1 μ sec
    Rotating direction CCW (When 1000~2000)μ sec
    LDS Servo horn L:10mm 16~18 kg
    Servo horn L:3.1mm 42kg
    Servo horn L:4 mm 34.kg
    Servo horn L:5 mm 30.5kg
    Servo horn L:6.35 mm 26.5kg