• T7C Transmitter Screen Protector

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    Set of two custom cut Screen Protectors for the Futaba 7C. This radio caries an assortment of different names to include: T7C 7CAP 7CHP 7CAF and 7CHF.
    With it's affordable pricing feature backed programming and now offered with dedicated FASST modulation this is a popular radio!
    This is a radio that was designed for hard use and many great days of flying. Much of the functionality of this radio is dependent on it's Dial-’n-Key programming on the large 72 x 32 screen. We believe that a Screen Protector is just the ticket to keep your new transmitter in like new condition.
    Like all of our Screen Protectors the 7C protector covers the entire face of the LCD. This Protector has been specifically designed for the 7C transmitter.  Although similar this is not an updated 9C Screen Protector. It is a completely new design.