• Servo Frames for MKS DS6100

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    Servo frames with external bearing for the popular MKS DS6100 servo

    Sold in sets of two frames with all the required fittings, these fibre filled nylon frames are an excellent solution for wing mounting of the MKS DS6100 - one of our most popular model servos.

    They simplify and speed-up installation, keep the servo secure and snug, yet allow easy removal for maintainance or replacement.  The external bearing reduces side load at the servo head, dramatically extending operational life of the servo.

    No deeper than the servo thickness itself, the frames allow for as flush an install as possible.  The choice of two bearing locations in the frame facilitates installation of servos in opposing orientation.

    Popular because of the combination of it's power and diminutive size, the MKS DS6100 is one of our customers favourites, and these servo frames are a great addition to their versatility and functionality.