• Self Adhesive Balance Weights

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    Available - a pair of strips, each of 60gm in graduated chunks (not unlike chocolate) of 5gm and 10gm, with an optionally peelable film on the underside, that will reveal a titan of self adhesives.


    In line with T9's continuingly expanding social responsibility and eco-awareness (all staff are now wearing edible underwear and planting at least a tree a week each), these weights are saving the planet and it's wildlife - by not being lead!


    They are just heavy .......

    ....... and as such, to be fair, are most economically purchased as part of a combined order to take advantage of combined shipping costs.


    It's taken a looooong time for this product to arrive at T9.

    The coalescence of matter since the Big Bang at the beginning of time, combined with arduous toil of mineral extraction from the raw earth and the application of the pinnacle of human ingenuity, have brought us to this point.


    All this added up to these supremely useful self-adhesive balance weights - a History of Universal Time in your hand - ideal for those final c of g tuning tweaks to get the best performance from your finely crafted machine.