• Robbe Mistral 2 PNP Electric Glider

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    The V2 version of the MISTRAL now has a high-strength, obeche-clad wing. This increases the weight by approx. 150g compared to its predecessor, which has proven itself hundreds of times, but gives the MISTRAL V2 significantly more robustness in everyday use.

    In flight, the MISTRAL V2 receives even more power and the typical Hotliner properties come into their own.
    The MISTRAL V2 is an all-rounder and the absolute fun model thanks to the modified RG-15 profile and the built-in Ro-Power BL drive, vertical climbs are easily possible and are therefore reminiscent of a hotliner. Of course, the MISTRAL V2 is not to be equated with a fully GfK hotliner, but that was not the aim either.


    The eye-catching and modern, neon-colored hotliner design should help you to keep track of the model well in the sky at all times and to distinguish yourself from other models in the air and on the ground.

    Let yourself be impressed by the high speed range of the MISTRAL V2. Landing with the flaps set is always a pleasure and absolutely stress-free, which is why the model is also suitable for advanced pilots.

    The MISTRAL V2 is ready to fly in just a few simple steps. In addition to the built-in Ro-Power 3522 external rotor, the model also contains six built-in digital ROBBE servos with metal gears. The wiring is also ready. The prefabricated and cut linkage rods only need to be attached and adjusted accordingly.





    • two-part Styro / GfK / Abachi surface covered with Oracover with CfK plug-in
    • Continuous sandwich spar (carbon-pine-carbon) for maximum rigidity
    • built-in digital Robbe servos with ball bearings and full metal gears
    • Complete wiring of all servos with MPX 6-pin plugs between the wing and the fuselage
    • ready-ironed rudder flaps with mounted rudder horns
    • lacquered GRP hull with built-in wooden frames and CfK reinforcements
    • powerful Ro-Power 3522 1000 K / V external rotor, optimized for 4S
    • large canopy for easy battery change
    • already attached rudder
    • prefabricated rudder rods with linkage parts from German production
    • pre-cut servo shaft and linkage covers
    • anodized aluminum spinner with straight middle part
    • high strength carbon fiber propeller 11x8
    • modern, clearly visible design


    Tech Spec:


    Span (mm):                       2000
    All-up weight approx. (G): 1780
    Empty weight approx. (G): -
    Control:                              H, S, Q, M, WK
    Manufacturer:                    seal
    Hull:                                   GRP
    Surfaces:                           Styrofoam / GRP / Abachi
    Recommended battery:     4S / 2000-2500mAh LiXX
    Length (mm):                     1170
    Recommended motor:       RO-Power 3522 (1000 kV) installed
    Profile:                               RG-15 mod.
    Kit details:
    • Model MISTRAL V2 incl. Two-part styrofoam / GRP / Abachi surface covered with Oracover
    • CfK patch panel
    • lacquered GRP hull with CfK reinforcements
    • Ro-Power 3522 1000 K / V installed
    • 6x FS 155 BB MG digital servos installed
    • Carbon folding propeller 11x8 "
    • Turbospinner 38mm mounted
    • Wiring with MPX 6-po. Plug connections
    • Small parts
    • Assembly instructions in German / English

    Items needed to complete:

    • ESC
    • Battery
    • Transmitter/receiver