• Reichard Prima Electric Glider 2M

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    The Reichard Prima is an electric powered, 2 metre span thermal glider with such excellent flying characteristics that it would even make an ideal beginners machine. Prima is very stable and easy to control due to the double cranked wing dihedral.

    Prima can be fitted with relatively standard equipment which can substantially bring down overall cost. The battery is located in fuselage in an angle, enabling it to eject through the canopy aperture in the event of a less than elegant arrival, so as not to damage the RC equipment.

    Additionally, Prima's wing panels attachments are two 6 mm plastic screws and sacrificial beech pins, designed to shear if a tip catches on landing to help leave the wing undamaged, plus the T-tail also offers the stabiliser great protection when landing on rougher surfaces.

    Prima's Features:
    Fibreglass fuselage.
    Fibreglass canopy.
    Balsa construction wing of components made with CNC technology.
    Reinforced wing centre.
    8 mm fibreglass wing joiner.
    Genuine Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts, beautifully tight and with all seams hand-sealed.
    All necessary hardware is included.

    RC functions:
    Rudder, elevator, motor

    As a guide only, here are the manufacturers equipment recommendations:
    Motor: 250+W ( MVVS 3,5, AXI 2814/xx , Mega AC 22/20/x )
    ESC: 30A
    Batteries: 8 NiXX, 2-3 LiPo
    Servos: elevator HS-422, rudder HS-422
    Prop: refer to motor manufacturer

    T9 can also advise on a suitable power train from their quality, but extremely affordable, Leopard range

    Technical Data:

    Wingspan: 2000 mm
    Length: 1120 mm
    Weight: 600 g
    Area: 41,3 dm2
    Wing section: S 3021