• Reichard Models Sirius 3M

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    Sirius is a 3 metre wingspan EP soarer of very modern design.  It's a highly efficient thermal glider but yet the design has been optimised to accommodate electric power without sacrificing efficiency.

    So, suitable for both flat and slope, and capable of big open and graceful aerobatics, Sirius makes a fine and very impressive sport flier.


    • Fibreglass fuselage
    • Foam core balsa sheeted two-piece wing with fibreglass reinforcement
    • 8 and 3 mm steel rod wing joiners
    • Fibreglass canopy
    • T stabiliser offers a better protection when landing on rough surfaces
    • Pre-hinged control surfaces
    • Made by CNC technology
    • Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
    • Tight covering with all seams hand-sealed
    • Includes all necessary hardware

    RC functions:

    Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Flaps and motor control

    Recommended Accessories:

    Motor : 400 W (MVVS 46, AXI 2826/xx, Mega AC 22/45/x )

    ESC : 40-70 A

    Batteries : 10-12 NiXX / 3-4 LiPo

    Servos : ailerons HS-81, flaps HS-82MG, elevator HS-65HB, rudder HS-422

    Propeller : as per motor manufacturer's specification


    Technical Data

    Wingspan : : 3050 mm

    Length : : 1325 mm

    Weight : : 1550 g

    Area : : 64 dm2

    Airfoil : : S 3021