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    P-13 Special is a thermic glider powered by electric motor. Excellent flying characteristics make this model ideal for beginners. The model is very stabile and easy to control. You can fit the model with standard equipment which brings down purchase costs. The battery is located in fuselage in an angle so it falls out through the canopy during a hard landing and does not damage the RC equipment.
    Special Features:
    Fibreglass fuselage
    Balsa constructional wing made by CNC technology
    Wing centre reinforced
    Fibreglass canopy
    Transparent Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
    Tight covering with all seams hand-sealed
    Includes all necessary hardware
    RC function:
    Rudder elevator motor
    Technical Data
    Wingspan : : 2000 mm
    Length : : 1120 mm
    Weight : : 800 g
    Area : : 427 dm2
    Airfoil : : S 3021
    Recommended Accessories
    Motor : 250 W ( MVVS 35 AXI 2814/xx Mega AC 22/20/x )
    Regulator : 30A
    Batteries : 8 NiXX 3 LiPo
    Servo : elevator HS-422 rudder HS-422
    Propeller : due engine manufacturer