• Reichard Models Magic 2M

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    Competition glider intended for Class F5J / RCEK. Lightweight with reference to the profile even better penetration with low descent super strength full mechanization of the wing.
    Manufactured from lightweight balsa collected.
    Split Wing
    body consisting of carbon and carbon tube gondola
    Foam covered balsa wings
    prepared servo holes
    Carbon clutch wings
    elevator and rudder are balsa construction
    model is coated with a transparent foil Oracover
    kit includes a small accessory
    RC function:
    Rudder elevator ailerons flaps engine 
    Technical Data
    Wingspan :: 2000 mm
    Length :: 1130 mm
    Weight :: 320 g
    Area :: 37 dm2
    Airfoil : Spec. 6%
    Recommended Accessories
    Engine : AXI 2208/xx Mega RC 400 F5J Dualsky 2826-xx
    Regulator : 25A
    Batteries : 2s LiPo
    Servo : X-31 ailerons flaps HS-45HB X-31 rudder elevator X-31
    Propeller : Due engine manufacturer (10x6)