• Reichard Models Ellipsoid Pro 2.8M

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    Now in stock the new Pro version with flaps added.The Ellipsoid has been produced since 1998 thanks to it's excellent flight characteristics it's popular with modelers worldwide. Using this experience we have upgraded model while retaining the proven adjustment flight characteristics and shapes of the wing surfaces. Evolution ellipsoid is adapted to the use of new lighter brushless motors and LiPo batteries.


    • elevator servo control is located in the tail (to minimize backlash rudder)
    • the front part of the fuselage is extended by 30 mm (better balance model using lighter batteries)
    • elegant elongated cabin with internal reinforced frame (easier access to the batteries and equipment)
    • reinforcement on the sides of the hull carbon roving (upper body strength and endurance)
    • new set of counters in the trunk (universal for different batteries with a simple assembly and servo mount receiver and controller)
    • servorámeÄ??ky for easy mounting servos in the wing and tail
    • V-Track on the bottom of the hull (reinforced landing site area)
    • "Spur" (protection of rudder during landing)
    • straight connectors with the same wing dihedral (easier deployment wings)
    • canopy attached using two magnets



    • fiberglass fuselage
    • balsa wing construction processed by CNC technology
    • pÅ™edpracované servo holes
    • wings are fitted on steel couplings Ø 8 and 3 mm fiberglass cab
    • elevator type T is better protected when landing in unprepared sites
    • rudder and elevator are balsa construction
    • model is coated with a transparent foil Oracover
    • Kit contains small accessories



    RC function

    • rudder elevator ailerons motor


    Technical Data

    Wingspan 2800 mm ::
    Length :: 1200 mm
    Weight 860 g ::
    Area 49.3 dm2 ::
    Airfoil S 3021 ::


    Recommended Accessories

    Engine : 300 W (MVVS 3.5 AXI 2820 / x Mega AC 22/30/x)
    Regulator : 40 A
    Batteries : 8-10 NiXX 3 lipo
    Servo : Ailerons HS-81 HS-65HB elevator rudder HS-81
    Propeller : Due engine manufacturer


    Ellipsoid of Evo Kosmides Aris from GreeceEllipsoid of Evo Kosmides Aris from GreeceEllipsoid of Evo Kosmides Aris from GreeceEllipsoid Evolution