• NCFM Wabbit Ready To Fly Kit

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    If you ever dreamed of a tiny speedster sloper that would  zoom past and carve gorgeous turnsThe Wabbit is here to fulfill that dream.  It was designed for speed and stability and can pester the larger so-called speed demons in reasonable lift. Get in with a few in a race circuit and the result is a sight to behold!
    Fully aerobatic it delivers fast maneuvers with ease and grace.  Other gliders can lollygag all they want.  The Wabbit is for cutting through traffic and holding the line.
    NCFM Wabbit Ready To Fly Kit
    Probably one of the cleanest planks around the Wabbit speed results from a stable planform and balanced weight distribution.  The elevons are shaped to give accurate control at high speeds and contribute as little drag as possible.
    Small size and a removable central fin make the Wabbit an ideal travel sloper. Pack it in your suitcase slide it in the backpack or toss it on the passenger seat.  It will always be there ready to explode out of the toss.  Whether the lift is light and clean or strong and booming this little rascal will find it's groove.
    NCFM Wabbit Ready To Fly Kit

    This is the first RTF (Ready-To-Fly) glider from NCFM:

    No building. No covering. No fitting electronics.  Just plug in your receiver and fly.

    Important safety note: You need to balance your Wabbit per the User Manual. Failure to do so will result in unpredictable and potentially dangerous flight performance.


    •EPP Wings

    •Balsa Elevons

    •Balsa Fin

    •Ultracote Covering


    •HXT900 servos (installed)

    •200 mah Nimh 1/3AAA Battery Pack (installed)

    •NCFM BlackJack charge switch (installed)


    •Ready To Fly

    •The perfect travel sloper

    •Light air performance

    •Effortless inverted flight

    •Highly aerobatic

    •Very stable

    •Extremely Durable

    Span: 24″

    Wing Area: 158 Sq. In.

    Average Flying Weight:  6 Ounces (with average sized micro receiver)

    R/C Requirements:

    Transmitter: Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates

    Receiver: Most of the recent low profile end-plug types / 1/2″or thinner

    You’ll receive:


    • Fully built and covered model and a User Manual.

    You’ll need:

    • A 4 channel computer R/C system with a micro receiver.

    You’ll notice:

    • This is a foamie glider built to the highest standards by people who know how to do this kind of stuff!

    • This is NOT a molded glider…… you should expect a few wrinkles in the covering here and there.

    • This glider is very durable but NOT indestructible……you should take good care of it