• MVVS 3.5/1400 Sport Brushless Motor

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    AXi 2820/8 equivalent brushless motor with 5mm shaft and integral cooling fan. MVVS electric motors are particularly suited for use in electric powered gliders. This new design offers high levels of durability as the hardened 5mm shaft running in precision ball races is supported directly in the ends of the motor case. These motors are unbelievably smooth running as a result of the dynamic balancing. We are particularly excited about the fact that MVVS motors require no specialist techniques for servicing and all spares are readily available. MVVS electric motors are produced along with their model engine range at Brno in the Czech Republic.

    Technical Data:

    RPM/Volt 1400
    Stator’s diameter 26mm
    Length of stator 18mm
    Nominal voltage 10V
    Shaft’s diameter 5mm
    Number of poles 12
    Working voltage 8-15V
    Recommended current loading 30-40A
    Max. load capability 50A/60s
    Number of NiCd/Lixx cells 7-12/3-4
    Weight 177g

    Test Figures:
    MVVS 35/1400 Sport with 10 x GP2200 Hot Off Charge
    10 x 6 Graupner CAM 10 050revs 42A
    (reducing to 38A)

    Suggested Applications:
    Fun Flyer 8 x NiMh 10x5 1-12kg
    Aerobatic 3 x Li-Po 10x6-7 15kg
    Glider 8 x NiMh 11x6 16kg
    Hotliner 3 x Li-Po 10x7 16kg
    Pylon Racer 4 x Li-Po 85x5 - 9x4 15kg
    Some battery and propeller combinations may be above 40A. Please check your own current draw and reduce the propeller size if necessary for your own controller. If in doubt use the Jeti Advance 70 or SPIN 66 controllers. We recommend Jeti controllers on hard timing for the best results with MVVS electric motors.