• MKS Servo BLS990

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     Torque: 2.8 kg-cm (38.9 oz/in)(4.8V) │ 3.5 kg-cm (48.6 oz/in) (6.0V)

    Speed: 0.038 s (4.8V)  │  0.030 s (6.0V)

    Weight: 69 g (2.43 oz)


    Dimensions:40 x 20 x 40 mm ( 1.57x0.79x1.57 in)  
    Operating Voltage:4.8 ~ 6.0 V DC Volts  
    Working frequence:760μs / 560hz
    Dead band:0.0004ms (Default)
    Bearing Type:2BB   
    Motor Type:Brushless Motor
    Gear Type:Chrome-Titanium alloy gear


    Suitable Gyros:


    Spartan DS760、Spartan Quark、Futaba GY611、GY601、GY520、ALIGN GP700、GP750、Mikado V-Bar Tail、CSM SL720、Curtis Youngblood Mini-G 、Solid G、Thunder Tiger TG-7000、BeastX Mircobeast


    MKS Servo BLS990