• MKS Mini Servo HV9780

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    Torque: 3.3 kg-cm (6.0V) │ 4.0 kg-cm  (7.4V) │ 4.5 kg-cm (8.2V)

    Speed: 0.055 s (6.0V)  │  0.045 s (7.4V) │ 0.040 s (8.2V)

    Weight: 38.01 g

    Dimensions:35.5 x 15 x 28.5 mm   
    Operating Voltage:6.0 ~ 8.4 V DC Volts  ( 2S Lipo un-regulated )
    Working frequence:760μs / 560hz
    Dead band: (Default)
    Bearing Type:2BB   
    Motor Type:Coreless Motor
    Gear Type:Chrome-Titanium alloy gear

    Suitable Gyros:

    Spartan DS760、Spartan Quark、Futaba GY611、GY601、GY520、ALIGN GP700、GP750、Mikado V-Bar Tail、CSM SL720、Curtis Youngblood Mini-G 、Solid G、Thunder Tiger TG-7000、BeastX Mircobeast

    Very Important:

    1. Do not use hands, tool or horn to turn the output gear directly when power is on or off. This will most probably cause internal damage
    2. Do not apply higher voltage than as specified. This can also cause internal damage.

    MKS Mini Servo HV9780