• MKS LDS HV6150 Servo Frame

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    Manufactured by Tomas Liu Studio. Full carbon and aluminium LDS Servo frame kit for the MKS HV6150 servo to fit most applications.


    HV6150 Package include:

    2pcs D2.5x60mm Carbon Fiber Push Rod
    2pcs M3x50 SCREW push rod
    2pcs Dual Servo Horn H:4mm
    2pcs Servo Frame
    4pcs Ø2x10.5mm Stainless Steel Pins
    8pcs E-clips
    4pcs M2.5x5 Screw
    2pcs M2.5x18 Screw
    2pcs Aluminum Connectors 4x4x22mm (for Dual Control Horn)
    2pcs Aluminum Connector R 3.9x3.9x24mm (for LDS Servo Horn)
    2pcs BB Ø5.0
    4pcs Optional Control horn 

    Apply to HV6130/6625
    Anodizied Aluminium Alloy Surface on Clevis & Connector
    The Length of Carbon Push Rod can be adjusted easily. L: 45-123mm