• Maat 1 DLG F3K Glider

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    The Maat 1 an ideal fun DLG for beginners to intermediate designed for competition flying categories F3K and F6D. The wing and tails are very light and easy to repair thanks to the extruded polystyrene core. The carbon leading edges of the wing have a high puncture resistance while maintaining a minimum weight. The profiles used are from Jan Pejchar. They are slimmer (the depth of the wing at the root is only 175 mm) and give the glider perfect flight performance even in windy weather.


    Everything is laminated from quality materials that do not require any unnecessary reinforcement. Excess reinforcements are a source of weight gain, which other manufacturers use to solve the insufficient stiffness of the wing. The wing, GTC and SOP have an XPS core laminated with Porcher glass fabric, Kevlar and carbon fabric. The spar in the wing are made of UMS carbon.The wing is made is one piece the wing dosnt need gluing of the wing halves to each other!


    The fuselage experienced great development. Unlike other throwers in its Maat category, it contains the UMS carbon monolithic hull, manufactured by pressurized technology into a mold, guaranteeing the lowest weight while maintaining high strength. The Maat 1 is much slimmer than other gliders. Therefore, it must be made of only the highest quality UMS carbons. The elliptical cross-section gives great flexural strength to the side and thanks to that the model can be thrown much higher. The wing is seated in the center of the fuselage. The fuselage also contains a lock for the rudder and therefore the SOP can no longer be glued.


    Maat1 Manual click here



    Recevier Archer R4 or RX4R

    Servos: Frskt Xact HV5612 or HV5611