• JW60 Pro EPP Glider

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    The JW60 Pro is an upgrade from the Classic. This version adds stiffness to the wing structure with upgraded spars. This is a popular option for those who fly in high winds all the time.


    Wingspan: 60"
    Wing Area: 570 Sq. In.
    Airfoil: Joe Wurts design
    Weight: 45 oz+
    Wingloading: 11.39 oz / sq. ft.

    Kit includes:
    1.9lb EPP Wings (CNC cut w/ spar slots)
    1.9lb EPP Fuselage (CNC cut w/ wing cutout and tail slot)
    Solid Carbon Spars (top and bottom w/ aluminum joiners)
    Carbon Drag Spars
    Mid-Weight Balsa Tapered Elevons
    Coroplast Tail Section
    4-40 Pushrods and Clevises
    Large Nylon Control Horns
    Building Instructions
    Kit Box

    Radio Gear (Not Included):
    2 Hitec HS-225MG Servos
    1900 mah Battery

    Additional Items Needed (Not Included):
    3M 77 Spray Contact Cement
    Xacto Knife
    Sanding Block
    1 1/2" or 2" Strapping Tape
    Silicone Glue or CA, Epoxy, Goop, Hot Glue
    Colored Packing Tape or Ultracoat for covering