• JP Zagi Glider

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    Bucket loads of fun with fantastic flying for beginners or experts. An utterly outrageous flying wing requiring just two standard servos and a JP Elevon V/tail mixer (JP part no. 4460520). Fiendishly cunning construction features unbustable EPP combined with moulded foam for stonking durability and blinding speed of assembly (approx. 3 hours). Dazzlingly coloured roll of covering tape is included. When covered with optional fibreglass reinforced Bullet tape the model is almost unbreakable. Fly it from the slope in the tiniest zephyr of a breeze or in a howling hooly hurricane.


    The Zagi is a radio-controlled glider. They are flying wings constructed of expanded polypropylene foam, covered in colored vinyl. Zagis are very popular for aerial combat since they are practically indestructible. This, and their easy construction, also makes them popular for beginners.

    There are various versions of the Zagi available for different applications, such as slope soaring, thermal soaring and electric flying.

    A Zagi can fly off of a slope, with the wind, with the help of a catapult, or with an electric motor. 


    Wingspan - 48ins (122cm)
    Weight - approx 624g
    Wing loading- 7.5 oz./sq. ft.
    Channels - 2 (With Delta Mixing). Servos - 2
    Wing Area - 2.8 sq.ft