• FrSky X4R Receiver

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    - Flash with - UNI Firmware 20+ in stock
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    - FrSky X4R Receiver - EU LBT V2 ACCST 7 in stock
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    X4R receiver features 4 PWM outputs (normal servo) and now includes an option for CPPM output for feeding to flight controllers or other uses. CPPM carries 8 channels on a single servo wire. SmartPort and a traditional A2 port are all located on the side of the receiver and allow you to connect all sorts of great sensors to send data back to your FrSky radio


    Frsky X4R receiver available with UNI Firmware Just add 'Flash to UNI Firmware' on your ordered X4R

    Now availble to buy the UNI X4R ACCST receiver which will bind to any version Taranis/Jumper/RadioMaster radio no matter the protocol firmware in ACCST D16 Protocol. Just Bind and fly!!


    On licence with FrSky UNI Firmware has been developed and BETA tested over a year in collaboration with FrSky dealers and Mike Blanford of Ersky fame to eliminate the issue that alot of exisitng ACCST Taranis users have come accross, ''what protocol am i on'' ''what is EU V2 firmware''


    Now all that does not matter anymore with the new UNI ACCST Firmware the receiver will bind to what ever your TX is on (please note this is not compatible with FrSky ACCESS protocol but will work in D16 on an ACCESS radio)



    • RSSI (PWM) output
    • Lighter weight and physically smaller than D8R-II & D6FR
    • Two selectable failsafe setting options – native failsafe or user programmable failsafe
    • External analog telemetry port (AD2)





    • FrSky X-series Module (XJT etc.) & Taranis X9D in D16 mode
    • Dimension 40x22.5x6mm (L x W x H)
    • Weight 5.8g
    • Operating Range full range (>1.5km)
    • Operating Voltage Range 4.0~10V
    • Operating Current 100mA@5V
    • Number of Channels 4Ch from conventional channel outputs, without SBUS port