• FrSky TARANIS 2.4GHz Transmitter

    From £144.71
    £144.71 (Incl. VAT) - Amber Plus - Combo 1 Mode 2 TX Only with batt and charger- Available for Preorder
    £179.99 (Incl. VAT) - Amber Plus - Combo 2 Mode 2 with Alu case, X8R RX - Available for Preorder
    £144.71 (Incl. VAT) - Plus - Combo 1 Mode 2 TX Only with batt and charger- Available for Preorder
    £179.99 (Incl. VAT) - Plus - Combo 2 Mode 2 with Alu case, X8R RX - Available for Preorder
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    Now available the Taranis Plus in two version, Blue/White or Amber/White screen back light (Amber version has SWR)

    New strong Alumininum carrycase is available too with combos!

    The Taranis has caused so much of a stir and proved incredibly popular with every level of user. The experts love 'em and so do entry level fliers.

    Someone in the hobby industry said to us recently, that they've not seen as much serious interest in a single RC product for a long, long time.

    TARANIS - Rock solid 2.4G, supreme flexibility and quality, all at an amazing price.

    TARANIS and it's remarkable OpenTX software, offers everyone from sport hobbyist to advanced RC user, an unprecedented range of features and flexibility - all in a tough, quality package, with the reliable and proven FrSky 2.4ghz technology ready installed, and at an amazingly affordable price.

    TARANIS - high end unit functionality - now made incredibly accessible by FrSky.

    If you've not already done so, have a look here for more detail.

    Such is the interest in TARANIS, that every one of T9's product allocations disappear fast.

    The T9 HobbySport TARANIS PLUS combo 1 includes the TX, battery pack, charger, neckstrap  - all for £144.99

    Click the 'Specification' tab above to see the TARANIS features list.

    • Telemetry RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indication - with warning alarm
    • Self test for correct transmitter antenna function
    • 16 channels (more possible when combined with external module)
    • 60 model memories
    • 9 flight modes and 64 mixers
    • 16 user-defined curves, each with 3-17 points - plus 32 logic switches
    • Voice or user-created sound alerts
    • USB port and SD card slot for system data transfer, updates and expansion
    • Long range potential - capable of up to 3 times the range of current 2.4 systems
    • Exceptionally smooth, quad bearing gimbals
    • State-of-the-art open source software
    • Sticks and pots can be calibrated by the end user
    • Super low latency for ultra quick response (9ms)
    • Large 212 X 64 backlit LCD screen
    • Real-time data logging
    • Receiver lock (program locked to aircraft - limited to FrSky receivers running PXX protocol)
    • JR form factor module bay for additional RF modules
    • Totally flexible flight modes
    • 2 timers: cumulative or countdown, with audio alert
    • Adjustable trims - coarse to extra fine, with extended and exponential calibration
    • Standard jack trainer port
    • Driven by a fast and efficent ARM Cortex M3 32-bit 60MHz processor
    • Taranis integrates with CompanionTX. This is FREE software for transmitter setup on PC. CompanionTX is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and can be used to create model programmes prior to loading onto Taranis. Save, edit and share your models set-ups and settings as well as simulate your transmitter and/or model setup before use.
    • USB connection for firmware upgrades, sound editing, read/write to the micro SD card and to connect with CompanionTX
    • Multiple language support (Taranis arrives configured for English language)
    • Open source community-driven firmware - if you need a special function or have good suggestions for improvement, just let the community know and it could very well be implemented a few days later!
    • Visit http://www.openrcforums.com to meet and communicate with the community and developers directly!