• FrSky Smart Port Airlink

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    New tool from FrSky primarily for setting up the S6R/S8R using the wireless link up, makes it easier to configure the Giro stabilization on the the receivers without having to access them in the model.

    Can also be used for normal data transfering to any FrSky Smart Port product.


    Dimension: 45x16x4mm
    Weight: 7g
    Compatibility: All FrSky S.Port products 
    Product Description:
     DIP switch 1 – Wireless mode: Configure S6R/S8R/Sensors wirelessly with Free Link
     DIP switch 1 – USB mode: Configure S6R/S8R/Sensors with PC software
     DIP switch 2 – UPGRADE mode (with S.Port2 ): Upgrade S.Port products
     DIP switch 2 – CONFIG mode (with S.port1): Receive and set the telemetry data for S6R/S8R/Sensors using S.Port1