• Dream Flight Libelle DLG 1.2M

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    Dream Flight Libelle DLG 1.2M

    Dream-Flight Libelle DLG.  Another brand new delight (again in a really neat box) from the clever people that produced the popular Weasel and Alula.

    Libelle die - German - Pronunciation: /li'bele/ - (LIBELLE, LIBELLEN) - DRAGONFLY

    Libelle again reflects the Dream-Flight approach to innovative materials use and well thought out design.

    Libelle pilots will quickly get out to fly, as many time-saving tasks have been expertly completed at the factory. Utilizing the most modern materials and foam molding techniques, Dream-Flight have achieved a durable, lightweight, and super smooth airframe.

    And we mean smoooooooooth - those old pals, the moulding pips, have been eliminated! New molding capabilities produce the smoothest flight surfaces ever offered by Dream-Flight!

    The entire model is comprised of proprietary components purpose-designed for the Libelle. For ease of assembly, all essential areas of the model are self-aligning and interlocking.

    Few experiences in model aviation satisfy the soul more than flying an efficient, slow-moving glider that has been launched to soaring altitude by hand.

    Libelle takes RC hand-launch glider flying to the next level by incorporating the destinctive Dream-Flight development and design syle as experienced by thousands of enthusiastic Weasel and Alula owners.

    The Libelle is for everyone;  it can be assembled, balanced, trimmed for flight and thoroughly enjoyed by pilots of any experience level.


    • "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide - Get into the air faster with this quick assembly design.
    • 100% self-aligning airframe produces a perfectly trimmed model for all skill levels.
    • Precision-moulded EPO foam and composite parts ensure easy assembly and efficient performance.
    • Carbon fibre tail boom, wing spars, and pushrods produce a lightweight, durable airframe.
    • Highly efficient and graceful design for maximum enjoyment in light lift conditions
    • Left or right handed wingtip launch system - Zoom to thermal catching altitude with ease.
    • Flight and Assembly Manual provides thoughtful assembly and DLG soaring techniques.

    WINGSPAN: 1200 mm (47.2 in)
    WING AREA: 21.31dm2 (330 in2)
    WEIGHT: 278-290 gm (9.8-10.2 oz)
    WING LOADING: 13-13.6 gm/dm2 (4.3-4.5 oz/ft2)
    CONTROLS: Ailerons, Rudder and Elevator
    SKILL LEVEL: Everyone!
    ASSEMBLY: 1-3 hours
    FLIGHT STYLE: Buoyant, nimble, and stable low lift flyer

    REQUIRES: 4-6 channel programmable transmitter recommended, 4 sub-micro servos (Hitec HS-35HD or equivalent), micro receiver, rechargeable receiver battery, small tools, and medium instant glue.

    Alternative servos?  Click here for Gening Nano Digitals.

    For excellent assembly guidance and flying videos of Libelle, check out the superb blog, courtesy of Pierre Rondel.  Click here: LIBELLE ASSEMBLY and FLYING.

    Dream Flight Libelle 3 dimensions