• Art Hobby Vortex ET 2.5 Metre Glider

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    The Vortex flying weight with out ballast is approx. 900 grams (31.6 oz.) With additional ballast of 500-700g it will reveal its full speed potential. It features the MH32/30 airfoil that was specially modified for this sailplane, the benefits of that are a very wide range of speed and good thermal abilities. Vortex wing could be built with ailerons and flaps or only with the ailerons if desired by the builder.



    - 2.4 GHz friendly composite fuselage pod is made of few layers of fiber glass with glass roving and carbon fiber reinforcements for extra strength. It has removable canopy for easy access to the radio gear and V-shaped wing saddle with molded in nuts for the wing mounting bolts.

    - Tapered tail boom is made of carbon fiber/glass composite.
    - Wing cores are precision cut from white polystyrene foam, and the black poplar veneer is bonded to the foam with aircraft industry grade epoxy in high pressure molds for perfect airfoil fidelity and a warp-free wing.
    - Glass/carbon composite vertical stabilizer has buit inlinkage forand horizontal stabilizer mount.
    - Horizontal stabilizer with pre-hingedelevator and rudderare are made from balsa and fully laminated with light weight fiber glass cloth for stiffness and durability.


    Kit contains: 
    Model components, all necessary hardware, plans and step by step instructions.


    Wing span
    Glider weight
    Wing area
    Wing airfoi
    2500 mm / 98.4 in.
    ~1375 mm / 54.1 in.
    685 g / 24 oz.
    39.53 dm/ 612.7 sq.in
    MH 32/30-modified
    Optima-6, Optima-7, RX700, RDS8000
    HS-65MG, HS-5065MG
    HS-65MG, HS-5065MG, HS-85MG
    HS-65MG, HS5065MG
    1600-2200 mAh, 4.8 - 6V
     or 2200 2S LiPo