• Art Hobby Sky V 1.7 Metre Glider

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    This sailplane has wide envelope of speeds and superb thermal characteristics.
    It has a double-trapezoid, tapered high aspect wing based on SD7080 airfoil specially modified for this sailplane. Is well suited for slope flying in moderate to very light lift conditions. . It also has a built-in washout for tip-stall resistant flight characteristics, and lower drag. The Sky is a fast assembling, high quality model and incredible performer.


    Kit contains: 
    model components, all necessary hardware, drawing and step by step instructions.


    Wing span
    Glider weight
    Wing area
    Wing airfoi
    1700 mm / 67 in.
    1045 mm / 41.14 in.
    265 g / 9.3 oz.
    23.8 2 / 369 sq.in.
    Ailerons servos
    6 CH. or more 
    6 CH. or more
    2 ea. HS-45HB, HS-65HB or similar
    2 ea. HS-45HB, HS-55 or similar
    750mAh, 4.8V or similar