• 8FG Transmitter Screen Protector

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     2 Custom cut RC Screen Protectors for the Futaba 8FG.
    The list of killer radios from Futaba just keeps coming.  Radios are become more capable while at the same time becoming easier to use thanks to better user interfaces.  Futaba takes this to the next level with it's sensor touch pad and back lit LCD screen with adjustable contrast for easy viewing.
    Like most radios the 8FG comes with a shipping protector that does a good job of protecting the display area during manufacturing and shipping but it also ruins the clarity of the screen while being used in the field.  Having removed this shipping protector we think it’s a great idea to replace it with an RC Screen Protector.
    The 8FG Screen Protector covers the entire LCD faceplate with the exception of the extreme bottom of the plastic bezel.  If you look carefully at the very last portion of your TX you will see that the very bottom portion is angled  down. While our film will comfortably follow the compound curve of most of the faceplate it will not form to this radius. For that reason the 8FG Screen Protector does not cover the angled last 2 or 3mm of the faceplate.